Legend Of Zelda cartoon

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Legend Of Zelda cartoon

Post by Fvolfrine »

For those of you who were alive in the late 80's, you might remember the Zelda cartoon from 1989. It was a pretty silly show, but still, for those of us who grew up on the game, and cartoons, it was where we were every Friday night - planted in front of the tv, watching the Legend Of Zelda cartoon.

I was fishing around on Amazon and found this:
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ ... 85-1441635

Too bad it's only 3 cartoons, but word on the street is that you can get it from Best Buy for 6 bucks. Not bad, after work today, I'll be on my way to the promised land (Best Buy). So between X-Men Legends and the Zelda Cartoon, it is going to be a geek weekend for me.
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