Protecting a Marine

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Protecting a Marine

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There is a petition on the Inet to provide citizens a chance to tell Congress what they think about persecution of the young Marine who killed a wounded enemy combatant last Saturday.

Maybe some of you have already signed this petition. It is an opmail soliciting support for the young marine who Zipped up a wounded terrorist recently. Our press and the liberal voice would have people believe that he didn't act prudently re that matter. Personally I believe he acted from experience, since another of his group was killed when a "wounded" insurgent triggered a bomb the day before the incident.

That young marine did exactly as I would do, or any other combat soldier under similar circumstances with so treacherous an enemy. I am sick to death of folks who stand so ready to react when an American reacts to terror, instead of blaming those radical Islamists who kill and maim innocent women and children and civilians on a daily basis. Personally, I believe the solution to hotbeds of hatred like Falujah is a low yield nuclear detonation without risking one single American foot soldier. There are no innocents in those towns, since every last citizen shelters, feeds and protects the terrorist, rather than fighting against their presence or reporting them to authorities.

Well, enough of my stumping for total and absolute destruction of those bastards. Check out the petition and sign it if you will. That young man needs all the help he can get to defend himself against the press. Nearly 100,000 fellow Americans have already signed the petition. You may review the signatures and statements of others who have already signed. Warmed my heart to hear so many good words from my fellow citizens.

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