Pop Up bastards

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Pop Up bastards

Post by BigGunna »

So I have a pop up blocker but I think there's a program on my comp that automatically links key words to an add site as well as replaces banners and opens an add window whenever I browse. This sucks! It's slowing down my slow ass computer and it's annoying. What should I do?
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Post by Buzzman25 »

Sounds like you downloaded some malicious Ad-Ware.

Here are two options for software:

NoAdware: http://www.noadware.net
BulletProof Software: http://www.bulletproofsoft.com/spyware-remover.html

NoAdware shows you where the adware files are, but you need some computer knowledge to be able to find the files yourself to delete them, else you need to register the product for a fee.

Bulletproof eliminates the adware for you, but is only good from 30 days from installation before you need to register to even run the program.

The best thing that I use is Norton Internet Securities. If you have broadband and you don't use a hardware firewall I INSIST that you VERY MUCH SO consider this software. It costs around $50 but it will at least be a firewall to protect and stealth all your hidden ports. It does a variety of other things as well and overall is a good program.

If you are on broadband you can double up and get a firewall along with Norton Internet securities like I do. A hardware firewall is going to cost you around $75.

Here are some clickies...
Norton Internet Securities
-Best Buy
--Purchase NIS
LinkSys Firewall
-Best Buy
--Purchase LinkSys Router

NOTE: I will edit this when BestBuy.com is running again. Was down for maintenance when I was checking.
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